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Website terms and conditions

General conditions

The terms and conditions for mementobus.com website apply to each individual user and imply their full acceptance. The access and use of the mementobus.com website are free of charge and are intended to help users find the information they need, in the easiest and quickest way possible, according to each of the users requirements.

MementoBUS (the carrier) reserves the right to make updates or changes to these terms and conditions without prior notice. Also, MementoBUS can correct any omissions or errors that may occur as a result of typing errors or other human errors, as soon as they have been brought to their attention. This is why we ask users to read the terms and conditions carefully, every time they access the mementobus.com website. Your continued use of the Website implies acceptance of the changes made.

Travelling terms and conditions

General conditions

MementoBUS provides its customers with an easy and fast booking system for bus tickets (vouchers).

  • The trip can only be made based of the voucher, which is nominal (valid only for the holder) and includes a single piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 32 kg. A second piece of luggage is additionally charged with a fee of 4.80 euro. Passengers presenting more than two pieces of luggage, assume the loss of the purchased voucher;
  • The voucher is only valid for the specified destination and time of departure. Failure to board is considered a waiver of the purchased services;
  • MementoBUS cannot be held responsible for passengers delays, failure to board, or failure to comply with the timetable/boarding instructions;
  • In case the waiver was based well-founded reasons (death, hospitalization, etc.), the possibility of returning the paid sums or offering an alternative will be analysed, based on supporting documents;
  • Boarding hours are considered informative and may change depending on weather conditions, traffic or other objective reasons;
  • Passengers are required to arrive at the boarding location with at least 30 minutes before boarding time;
  • Passengers have the obligation to check the data entered on the voucher. Any discrepancies must be reported within 1 hour from the transmission of the voucher, as any subsequent complaints will not be taken into consideration;
  • Passengers who travel to Henri Coandă International Airport or any other airport in the country, must ensure that the arrival time at the destination is at least 3 hours before take-off. MementoBUS does not assume any responsibility for delays that may lead to a passenger losing a flight;
  • Trips can be made by car, minibus, or bus, depending on the number of registered passengers for that trip;
  • All buses that are operated by MementoBUS are licensed, classified and equipped with: air conditioning, folding chairs and audio-video installation;
  • For external trips operated by MementoBUS, seat distribution is made in the order of registration, with the exception of passengers that have Fidelity cards, a feature that gives priority for boarding;
  • For internal trips operated by MementoBUS, boarding is made in the order of arrival and availability;
  • The price equivalent of the offered services can be refunded, as following, no matter if the bus trips are internal or external:
    • if the refund request is sent to MementoBUS with less than 7 days before the departure date, there will be a penalty of 100%;
    • if the refund request is sent to MementoBUS with more than 7 days before the departure date, there will be a penalty of 30% from the booking value. 
  • If a person has made a reservation for more than one passenger, they will be required to accept the terms and conditions for itself and each of the other passengers.
  • In the event of a booking change (including, but not limited to: cancellation, refunds, name changes, etc.), MementoBUS customers are advised to send a change request with more than 48 hours before the departure date, MementoBUS and its transportation partners having the right to apply a service fee in order to cover their operational costs with these kinds of requests. 

Payment methods

In order for the voucher to be considered valid, it is mandatory that the payment be made before the trip. The price of the voucher can be paid in both EUR and RON.

In the case the payment was made through PayU, we recommend paying the voucher within 30 minutes of booking, otherwise the session will be canceled and the voucher will not be valid.

Passenger obligation

Passengers are forbidden to:

  • Damage the transport vehicle in any way, being obligated to keep its cleanness and integrity. The passenger is liable for the damage produced;
  • Disturb or prevent the driver and / or other crew members from performing their duties;
  • Have an inappropriate behaviour that may cause discomfort to other passengers inside the bus;
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol or hallucinogen and narcotic substances are strictly forbidden;
  • To transport flammable, dangerous or explosive material.

Carrier obligation

The carrier has the obligation to:

  • Ensure that the passenger transport services are executed under normal conditions of legality, safety and quality;
  • Take all the necessary safety measures and ensure that passengers are transported in optimum conditions throughout the journey;
  • Follow the established itinerary.

The luggage

Every passenger is entitled to carry one piece of luggage free of charge. In the eventuality that a passenger want to travel with additional luggage, they must be declared when the voucher is processed and will be subject to new tariff conditions. The price for each additional luggage will be displayed from the beginning.

The passenger has the obligation to inform MementoBUS Call Centre, in writing, if they have purchased a special sized baggage, represented by a bicycle, in order to install the required support in a timely manner. Caution!!! This requires a reconfirmation a day before leaving.

The Carrier retains the right to refuse to offer transport services if the passenger's baggage contains firearms, flammable substances, and/or other dangerous materials that could endanger the safety of other passengers or if the luggage transported is contrary to the laws in force specific to each country. In this situation, the amount paid for the baggage is not refundable.

We recommend that passengers do not store their documents or other valuables inside the luggage stored in the cargo hold. In the event of a loss or theft of the luggage, the carrier will only be liable for the value of the luggage, in the limit of the insurance.

Return policy