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MementoBUS owns a complex fleet of vehicles with different transport capacities, from 2 to 70 people. Over 70% of our fleet consists in new and performant cars and experienced drivers. Depending on the distance traveled and the number of passengers, trips can be made by cars (minivan), minibuses or coaches. There are three types of cars available: - If the numbers of passengers exceeds 20 people, then we will provide you with one of our coaches (SETRA, Neoplan Tourliner 2016, Neoplan Cityliner 2016, MAN, VDL Jonckheere, Bova Futura or Lion Coach) – For a number of 7 to 20 people, you will travel with a new Mercedes Sprinter minibus (manufacturing year 2015-2016), enjoying all the comfort of a quiet and comfortable trip. – For a maximum of up to 7 people, we provide a private and convenient transfer with a luxury minivan, the Mercedes Vito brand.
The whole MementoBUS fleet benefits from increased passenger comfort, air conditioning, car safety systems and depending on the duration/distance of the trip, there will be two drivers. Over 90% of our coaches are equipped with comfortable seats (made of textile leather and with lumbar protection with headrests and armrests), sockets, audio/video quality, Wi-Fi, large luggage. At the same time, the transport companies which we have partnerships, hold the necessary licenses for occasional tourist transport operated by MementoBUS.

About us

Romania aligns itself with the European bus travel trend through MementoBUS pioneering. MementoBUS is a travel agency part of the Christian Tour, with no. license 7538 / 29.02.2016. We want to change the bus travel model by bringing in Romania a concept known and used in the European Union. We support transparency, the liberalization of transport for the benefit of the customer, the offering of affordable prices and high standards of travel, in accordance with European law and regulations. Our routes are occasional tourist transport and that is why reservations are made at least 24 hours before departure. This guarantees you the place in the coach or minibus and the fact that you will reach your destination according to your plans. Attention: Booking and payment of tickets cannot be made at the bus.
Yes. Choose your desired destination and book your airport transfer from time. Why? Because you save money, time and certainly you will not miss the flight. Although we are not accustomed to record delays, the arrival time may be influenced by traffic conditions. Please take into account that this is at least 3 hours before the flight.
The boarding pass is engraved on the voucher.
For security reasons for travelers, pet travel is not acceptable.


Because at MementoBUS, the first Low Cost Bus in Romania, you control the tariff plan. The sooner you buy the travel ticket, the lower the price will be. Thus, at the most affordable prices, you will benefit from premium travel services – comfortable coaches and minibuses, on-board services (90% of the fleet is equipped with free wireless internet), respectful and serviceable person, but especially the guarantee you will enjoy the journey as much as your destination.
Please arrive 30 minutes before the departure time. The agency cannot be held responsible for the failure to present, delay or non-compliance with the timetable indications.
Not for the moment. Additional services are part of MementoBUS’s future plans.
At this time, all people with disabilities who do not need to travel in a wheelchair can travel with MementoBUS. We are trying to find solutions in the shortest possible time for people with motor disabilities traveling in wheelchairs.
No, minors cannot travel without being in the company of an adult.
If you have forgotten / found an object in the coach, please contact us at (+40) 317.105.518 or at the email: obiectepierdute@mementobus.com.
For baggage of a maximum weight of 32 kg and a hand baggage (bag/purse/backpack) you pay nothing. For additional luggage you pay 4.80 €. It is necessary to specify from the time of booking that you will need extra baggage.
You can bring your bicycle to MementoBUS coaches if they fold as much as possible. It is considered extra baggage and is charged with 4.80 €. Careful! We are not responsible for any malfunctions occurring during the journey.
Yes, but it depends on what kind of instrument is. Musical instruments that cannot be considered dangerous can be carried as hand luggage if they fit in the size required to be stored in the space above the passenger seat. For carrying a musical instrument that does not fit in the size required to be stored in the space above the passenger seat, the holder will have to pay the equivalent of the extra baggage.
Not yet, but we want to implement this possibility in the future too. At the moment, every traveler is placed in free places in the order of boarding in the coach/minibus.
Boarding times are informative and may be subject to changes depending on weather or traffic conditions. We will notify you by phone, SMS or email whenever changes occurring beyond our will.
Please come down to the chosen destination in the reservation. However, subject to availability, you can change your destination on the voucher by at least 48 hours before departure so you can reach your desired destination.
Depending on the length and distance of the trip, short stops are scheduled.
Yes, you can buy one way tickets.


Yes, you can order private transfer on request at the e-mail: rezervari@mementobus.com. Private transfer are races requested by the customer from a certain pickup point to a final destination. When it comes to a service on request, the tariffs and conditions are customized according to each request in part and the wishes of the client.
Ticket booking can be made in multiple ways: - Call MementoBUS call center at (+40) 317.105.518; - Any of the agencies in the Christian Tour network and authorized partners. You can consult the full list of partners HERE  - Online booking directly at www.mementobus.com.
The travel ticket is reserved at least 1 hour before departure both online and through the call center or designed agencies.
You can pay by choosing one of the variants below that best suites to you: - By SMS (to 7470 – you will receive the details while booking online) - Online with the card - Cash or card in Christian Tour agencies or accredited partners - By payment order
No, on any tour operated by MementoBUS, it is only possible to travel on the basis of a prior reservation. No tickets can be purchased directly from the coach or from the driver. Please reserve at least 1 hour before your trip.
Cancellation/refund is made on the basis of existing voucher conditions. Send the request email at rezervari@mementobus.com. Attention: The 1 € voucher is cancelled only with 100% penalty.
There is no possibility to purchase the ticket from the driver. You can purchase it from www.mementobus.com or Christian Tour agencies and partners. The transport is performed exclusively on the basis of prior reservation, with the presentation of the travel voucher obligatory. Plan your trip in time and enjoy more bonuses and benefits.
If the ticket price is greater than 1.20 €, the name can be changed up to 48 hours before the departure. Vouchers up to 1.20 € are nominal. If the tickets are purchased at a promotional rate, name changes are not accepted and cannot be refunded in case of cancellation.
A voucher is valid for a single trip. After the travel, the voucher can no longer be cancelled/replaced.
If you have trouble booking online, most likely there are from the internet browser you are using. Try a different browser. If you still cannot, clean the cache. Finally, clear the cookies, and then close and reopen the browser. You will find the latest version for each browser here: Firefox / Internet Explorer / Google Chrome.
Please check also in the Spam box. If you still have not received your confirmation, please contact us at (+40) 317.105.518.
Yes. Requests for group offers are sent to e-mail address: grupuri@mementobus.com.
Yes. You will need your travel voucher, in original format, if you have purchased the ticket from one of the MementoBUS partner agencies or electronically on your phone/tablet if the reservation was made online. Do I need all the papers if the destination is outside Romania? Yes. For journeys outside Romania it is necessary to have at your disposal all mandatory documents for leaving the country.
It is not necessary to check online. A simple presentation at the boarding point at the same time of the voucher is sufficient.
Children between 0 and 1.99 years of age travel free of charge and reservations are made exclusively by e-mail: rezervari@mementobus.com. Children aged 2 to 12 years benefit from special rates. Currently, in order to benefit from these discounts, it is necessary to book the number (+40) 317.105.518.