Our policy

We want every road with MementoBUS to be among the most memorable memories of the trip you just did. And to come out on the door of the coach on arrival at least as well as when you entered. So each of our services reflects a value that we think it makes the difference from „good” to „no compromise”.

Respect for the customer

Every person deserves to enjoy the real feeling of „customer is first” when choosing MementoBUS as a travel partner. And we’ll make sure this happens.
In other words, to feel flawless served, from the first interaction with MementoBUS and until you get off the bus to start the next adventure.

Safety – the most relaxing possible journey begins with a few key ingredients:

  • Premium coaches equipped with the latest technology
  • Passenger comfort – thanks to the coach’s chassis
  • Tradition in passenger transport and drivers with thousands of European races active. Depending on the duration of the trip, a crew of 2 drivers will be with you.
  • Car safety systems – cars are limited in speed so both children and adults on board feel 100% protected.
  • Comfort – We want „How long is it before we get there?” to be replaced by „I did not even realize I was here!”. Here are some reasons why you will have a relaxing journey.
  1. Last generation tourist coaches for both country and foreign routes
  2. Big luggage store, where the ski pairs will be extremely comfortable and waiting to be put to work
  3. Comfortable seating chairs (made of textile leather and effective lumbar protection with headrests and armrests)
  4. Sockets – because we all know how unpleasant it is to stay without battery when you see the perfect place on the go
  5. Audio / video quality


Affordable prices for all exigencies. It’s not called for nothing a Smart Cost Bus!
Discount card that rewards loyal customers with plenty of bonuses and benefits.


  • Multi - Ticket
  • Subscriptions

Easy to travel

It’s easy to make a reservation, just choose how you prefer:

  • Directly on the phone
  • Through Call Center
  • At the agency
  • Online

And when it comes to paying, it’s very simple when you have multiple options:

  • Online with the card
  • Directly in the agency
  • By SMS