Privacy Policy

Information about confidentiality and the protection of personal data

We all know that the users have different concerns regarding confidentiality and personal data protection, that is why our goal is to explain clearly what informations we are collecting, so that every customer can consciously decide. At the same time, each user is solely responsible for using his account. Therefore, any information supplied by you will be considered and will represent your expressly consent for allowing MementoBUS to use your personal data, in accordance with the purposes mentioned below.

The purpose of collecting personal data

Unless different ways are mentioned, MementoBUS can use the personal data collected, to the following purposes declared:

Payment methods

In order for the ticket to become valid, it is mandatory to pay it before the trip. The ticket price can be paid in both EUR and RON.

  • To make sure the web page is relevant to your needs;
  • To confirm the services you have purchased on-line and to provide additional information to these services (reconfirmation of operating program, changes due to objective reasons, etc.);
  • For billing of ordered services;
  • For online payment;
  • To secure the transaction / online payment / credit card by applying anti-fraud filter;
  • To send you various special offers, advertising and / or marketing messages;
  • To sign up for your loyalty program.

Therefore, MementoBUS, as the owner, respects the privacy and security of the processing the personal data of every person who visits the website in order to make online reservations. Attention, MementoBUS may supply third parties with your personal data if this is required by law, but only those data that are strictly necessary to fulfill the subject matter of the request will be disclosed.

MementoBUS undertakes to keep confidentiality and manage safely the personal data provided by each customer, and only for the specified purposes, respectively for booking and purchasing coach tickets. That’s why we are constantly striving to protect our users from unauthorized access or modification, disclosure or destruction of the information we hold. For example:

  • We cripple many of our services using SSL;
  • We constantly reviewing stored data and processing information, in order to provide protection against unauthorized access to the system;
  • Access to personal information will be provided only to our employees.

Passenger obligations

Passengers are forbidden:

  • To damage the transportation vehicule they are traveling with to the destination, being bound to keep its integrity and cleanliness, responding by paying the damages if so;
  • Disturbing the driver and/or other crew members from performing their duties satisfactorily;
  • Manifesting inappropriate behavior that may cause discomfort to other travelers in the moving vehicle they travel with;
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol or hallucinogen and narcotic substances are strictly forbidden;
  • To transport flammable, dangerous or explosive products.

Obligations of the carrier

The carrier has the obligation:

  • To ensure the execution of passenger transportation services under normal conditions of legality, safety and quality;
  • Take all the necessary safety measures and ensure the passengers that their goods are transported in optimum conditions throughout the journey;
  • Follow the established itinerary.


Each passenger is allowed one piece of carry-on free luggage. If the passenger wishes to travel with additional luggage, they must be declared during the ticket reservation and will be subject to new tariff conditions. The price for each additional luggage bag is displayed right from the beginning.

The carrier have the right to refuse to perform the service if it finds that the passenger's baggage contains dangerous goods, firearms, flammable substances, etc. that could put in danger the safety of other passengers, or if the luggage transported is contrary to the laws specific to each country. In this case, the amount paid for the luggage will not be returned.

We recommend to the passengers to avoid storing documents or valuable goods in their luggage. In case of luggage loss or theft, the carrier will respond for the luggage value, only if it is within the limit of its insurance.